Journey to Joy: Discovering your Children’s Spiritual Gifts

How You CAN SUPPORT your children and youth to GREATER HAPPINESS, SELF-ESTEEM, SELF-CONFIDENCE by connecting to their SPIRITUAL WISDOM including Psychic, Intuitive and Healing Gifts

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Ellen Hayakawa, Author of The Inspired Organization and Co-author of Amazon Best Seller, Healing the Heart of the World Gives YOU the Gift of Free Video Training

This GIFT of a  4 part video training series is FOR YOU if:

  • You are a parent, educator or health professional or someone who deeply cares about the heart, soul and spirit of children and youth

If  your child or youth or someone you know:

  •  is struggling at home or at school and you would like some new perspective and solutions
  • is highly sensitive
  •  is depressed or has been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, autism, bipolar, dyslexia or OCD and you feel that there is more to it than the information you have been given
  • speaks about angels, fairies, imaginary friends or past lives
  •  is an “old soul” wise beyond his or her biological years
  • is interested in spirituality

You’ll learn :

  •  10 Keys to Greater Happiness, Self Esteem and Self-Confidence for your Children  and Youth
  • #1 Essential Issue  in Resolving Behavioral Challenges
  • What are the MAIN determinants of Happiness in Children and Youth
  • The Secret Inner Spiritual  Gifts that you Absolutely Need to Know to Support your Child Develop their Full Potential

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